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Hello everyone, I came to bring one of my map I had done a long time for there server I was mapper after a while I ended up leaving the server, time after it closed , and some days , I got his GameMode , and I managed to find my map , it took me about 3 hours to do so by the MTA , I consider it as one of my best maps today, but then comes to small talk.


To view more pictures click here.

1 - The camera does not come with the map
2 - The label does not come with the map
3 - It is recommended to use Streamer include & plugin
4 - This is version 1.0 , soon there will be updates.
5 - If anyone has a functional balance system to contact via PM or Skype qrapapagaio

That's it, accept constructive criticism : p .

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nice, but.. what is this supposed to be?
I mean, it's looking something rather odd, to be on highways. Also simple 'balance' name doesnt tell much as this is very wide-meaning word.

Looks like a toll plaza to me, nice job.

Nice Work Mate <3 + REP

I love it , It just like a Traffic Inspection for there cars

@Darles92: As I said, I did for a server on which I played a while ago , I had the idea to make this map from another I saw, almost in the same place , but decided to do there for the server which I played had a map in another place , I know it was simple , it was one of my first questions , then know that it is not those things .

@ChromeAmazing: It also seems to me according to eye : p

@Ceedie: Thanks

Sorry about my English.

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