Which games have SA-MP players switched to?

Greetings SA-MPers!

So I am a long time SA-MP player but I have seen a lot of people leaving/barely playing SA-MP even though it has been advanced so much and I wonder to which games have they switched to? As honestly, I haven't seen any other game and mod so advanced as SA-MP so far.

I am aware some people got older and stopped gaming in general, I still however play sometimes even though I dedicated myself more to real rather than virtual life.

What are your opinions and thoughts?

NOTICE: I am not trying to say SA-MP is dying or something as there have been new people coming and old leaving.


Biggest thing is that one hemisphere always has summer... It's JUST getting to the time where Americans are slowly starting to go back to gaming.

But then again, I been playing ARK, War Thunder and Space Engineers a heap.

Another thing with me, is I CBFed fixing an issue I have with my GTA SA install where it won't start GTA SA, after being run once... Works once, then just sits doing nothing.

Thanks MS Windows 10... You're fucking awesome... (I'm pretty sure Win10 has SOMETHING to do with it...)

I haven't played sa-mp for a good while, but I can't say I moved on. I'm basically waiting for the right time to start my own thing.
I've moderated another guy's server for like 4 years, and when he left everything to me, I just pulled the plug, cause it was exhausting me.

As for other games, I play Dota 2 and I replay a lot of old single player games when I get the chance. I could run with Fallout 4, but it's not really my type.

Fallout 4 and War Thunder.

I still play SA-MP from time to time tho.

Sleeping Dogs - Watch Dogs - GTA IV for me.

Some people are playing strategy games like League of Legends and DOTA 2. But some others preferred to play other versions of GTA like GTA V or GTA IV. But as I observed, some SA-MP players switched on playing League or DOTA 2.


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But as I observed, some SA-MP players switched on playing League or DOTA 2.
They had those games before... They just weren't as active in them because of SAMP. Now they decide to play them because they have "extras".

Much like my War Thunder with premium planes coming out my ears, and various "special" planes...


I was leave SA:MP, But again switched to SA:MP .

I also playing POP:GP , GTA:4 , M2 and some other games.

For multiplayer, Only SA:MP playing.

I think GTA V had biggest impact.

I'm not a manchild, so no games.

Assetto Corsa, MX vs ATV Reflex, Dirty Bomb, Tactical Intervention, Diablo 3, GT Legends, and Cities: Skylines are what I play mostly.

I haven't really switched from samp as im still playing it, but now I do mostly play h1z1

I like to play league of legends or guild wars 2


Havent played samp in years and I feel great i dont need to look at shitty graphics.

I would say GTA 5 butttt it was closed by take-two interactive. And usually people who leave come back. And roleplay is pretty much centralized here.

War Thunder and World of Warships, I also play GTAV on a regular basis.

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