The Server Is Restarting (not actually)

On a few occasions I have received the following strange error messages from SA-MP:

Lost connection to the server. Reconnecting...
The server is restarting..
You are banned from this server.

The last two statements seem false, because other users at that time have stayed on the server. I have also seen one time another player droping off, coming back a minute later and say that the server "restarted".

Is this a misleading text from SA-MP itself, or the server's cheat protection kicking in and sending fake signals? I have tried asking support for this particular server, but they wouldn't care to elaborate. I say this text has a potential to make a user publicly look like a fool...

This is a known SA-MP bug. You aren't actually banned from the server and will be able to login in a few minutes or relogging. This is usually caused by timing out or when tabbing back into the game. This is client related and has nothing to do with the said server. Nothing a server could do about it. It could happen in any server.

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