[connection] IPHere requests connection cookie.

Hello there.
Since I've updated to 0.3.7 my gamemode is dealing a few problems.

If I'm playing with a few friends. (Home hosted at the moment)
It disconnects them and shows this in my console.

[connection] IPHere requests connection cookie.
The ip is from that person.
And it repeats itselves every 10 seconds.

The samp client does show my server as online.
But once try to connect it keeps trying to connect.

Nobody can help me out?

Try port forwarding then have them connect to your IP address rather then

You don't get it. They can join, but after 3 to 4 minuts it kicks them.
I found out it was a problem with windows 10. If you go do shot in your browser it'll "Pause" other apps, causing people to disconnect.

AHH, That problem!

I also got this problem one time. That time, I have update my plugins and optimize my script. Once i did, My server start running weel.
So, I suggest you to update plugins and optimize your script ( Recompile and fix the scripting base ) It can fix your problem Maybe
(( @Wolfe, Stop giving post if you don't know what this thread about -_- ))

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