Help with foreach

Hello all the scripters of SA-MP,
I have some problem in my script.
After I didn't work on my script a lot of time I want to continue it and I tried to compile it.
I got that error:

C:\Users\Lior\Desktop\Olympous New RP\gamemodes\rp.pwn(81) : fatal error 100: cannot read from file: "foreach"
How can I fix this problem?
I tried to update the include and new YSI files.
Please help!

include missing

Originally Posted by AbyssMorgan
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include missing
You twit.

If you have multiple server folders, pawno might be opening from the wrong folder and it could be reading the wrong includes folder. So what you should do is go to the server folder you are working with right now, open pawno folder and launch pawno. Then open the gamemode you are working on and then try to compile. I have encountered this problem several times in the past.

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