voice chat

Well since most people these days have microphones, then I think its about time samp should have voice chat, what do you guys think?

if it has a toggle function for rp servers. then it would be great for small tdm but it will cause a huge mess in open world tdm's(COD etc.)

just use mumble, skype or teamspeak. they would function just as good imo

You can do it if you distribute the client-sided plugin (teamspek connector) from maddinat0r, so all you need is some pawn knowledgement, although such feature doesn't fit with a 2004 old game to be native IMO.

Can't wait to hear kids squeal! This idea has been suggested (and subsequently rejected) so many times already.

If there was a pitch limit for voices, ye.

If someone made a plugin like ACRE that did it IF you had TS, then fine, but otherwise, nope...

Still though, easier to simply use TeamSpeak.

After all, you'll end up running up to someone, talking expecting them to respond and the only response you will get is a shotgun to the head...

If there will be an option to mute people, yes that'll be great

I simply don't see the point. Chat software does it way better than SA-MP would.
Crowded servers would sound 10 time worse than GTA V sessions.

I think it's good idea but not all people have microphones.

Stick to Teamspeak, Mumble or any of the other software. This game is old.

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