Car components as AttachObjectToVehicle problem/help needed.

Hi, I started making own script to add bumpers and spoilers to non tunable cars.
I know many people already done this but mostly are overdone, ugly tuned with not fitting too big bumpers or roof/hoood scoops that crash players when come near Pay'n'Spray, so wanted to make more suitable ones.

Figured everything out, except 1 thing that bugs me so much.

Let me explain in these screens:

This is normal Primo and Cardrona with attached tuner bumpers painted black, both looks fine.

And this happens when I change car color to Yellow (carcol 6)
RGB value 215,142,16 read from carcols.dat
HEX D78E10, when converted RBG carcols value to HEX

Was messing around with setting object material alpha values but no help.

Maybe I should set some other texture/material to these bumper objects?
Any ideas how to 'match' bodykit to car color?

PS: Anyone knows how to remove stock car bumpers only, but leave other panels intact (doors, hood, trunk lid)

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