Can we do an early-access program?

Rangerxxll and I are working on a new server (yes, again) and our team came across the idea to allow early access during pre-alpha/early alpha to our server if anyone is interested in donating.

Of course, this sounds like pay-to-play, but this is only for those who want to support the growth of the community. We will offer forum accounts for free of course, and we will not hide any screenshots or details about the server just because someone doesn't donate. If they choose to donate, we will simply allow them to enter the server while we do our normal development cycles. We will also grant them in-game perks or gifts they would normally receive if they were to donate while the server is public.

Once we become official, we will allow standard playing procedure, of course.

We were just curious if this violates the Terms of Service or anything else related. I haven't heard of it in SAMP before, so I think it would be wise to ask.

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