Graphic Glitch (A.K.A. Clothing Godzilla)

Check out these images:
Click me for glitches!

We're pretty sure that it's attached clothing items that are causing these kinds of glitches, but basically they're huge big graphic glitch-balls, as you can see in the screenshots.

Also, I'm pretty sure that in screenshot 562 and 563, the player 'laledou' is not in the car but his name tag is attached to the car. They are not text labels or anything, they are SA-MP nametags. Also on the odd occasion, when a player streams in behind me, their nametag will show up in the top left or top right corner of my screen. I never had this issue in older versions of SA-MP and it's not only me that is affected by these kinds of things.

Anyone else have these sorts of issues or experienced these kinds of things?

I got some kinda of graphics bug too, and it also happens since last version of samp. Hopefully they will fix it at the next version in some months / a year (?) :/

Hmmm, that seems to be a different issue. This has something to do with attached items we believe. Not all players experience it (as far as we know), but it does happen to at least several people.

EDIT: The pictures taken in spectate mode were done so in 'Normal' spectate mode.

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