Clickable TextDraw problem

I have problem with clickable textdraws. So i've made set of textdraws (boxes, text and stuff). And it has 3 clickable. All 3 works perfect and they are well coded. The problem is when i add them all in same time, even if i click on first or second it will do what third textdraw is. This is a screenshot of all 3 textdraws.

If i click on "x" or "nazad" it will do what "podigni" is coded for. Any help?

Give us your code with TextDrawTextSize lines of textdraws and public OnPlayerClickTextDraw (or OnPlayerClickPlayerTextDraw if they are player textdraws) with your textdraws ID processing.

This is code for OnPlayerClickTextDraw and this is letter size:
TextDrawLetterSize(BankomatTD[20], 0.400000, 1.600000); // "PODIGNI"
TextDrawLetterSize(BankomatTD[11], 0.400000, 1.600000); // "NAZAD"


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