[MySQL] & [UCP] , help me please .

Hello guys .
i've a server is that using MySQL server ,
i could make it working on wamp and xampp , is there's a way to make it working in a free hosting website ?

because i think its using alots of internet ,

the other thing ,
i've a ucp , how i can connect it to my "mysql" to get user's data ?
and how i can upload it to my website , i am using free domain .tk and free webhost ,

and how i can make my domain is the ip . so i can enter the domain name instead of the ip

please help me , Regards

I don't get your first question :/
But if you are asking if the gamemode will work with a free MySQL hosting... It will work but will LAG.. Its always better to've MySQL hosted locally on the game server.

And about the UCP, You need to have PHP skills to edit the connection info.
Either learn it or hire some one to do it.

And about the domain, You need a DNS which comes with all paid hostings.. I am not sure if its with free hosting also or not.
To make it, You log in to ur CPanel and goto the DNS settings and setup an A record with the server's IP.

alright , i got it about the hosting ,
can you help me with the UCP ?
d7na 3rb zy b3d ...

the first question i mean , if i want to upload my server for a paid host , how i could access my mysql
so i think i want to save all my databases to accessable mysql phpmyadmin which can be founded on many free websites , regards

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