MoveObjects Help Needed

Hi i have made moving objects (moveobjects) in one command which is this one

PHP код:
if (strcmp (cmdtext"/mer"true) == 0)
MoveObject (meriakariLS,1470.90039, -1744.0936312.54232+0.0040.004,  0.000000.00000, -280.67993);
SetTimer ("MeriaKarebi"70000);
MoveObject (meriakariLS11471.46997, -1741.1577112.54232+0.0040.004,  0.000000.00000, -555.59955);
SetTimer ("MeriaKarebi1"70000);
SendClientMessage (playeridCOLOR_WHITE"Door Opened for 10 Seconds");
pawn does not give me any errors but when i compile run server and type this cmd only one object moves and another one stays the same any ideas how to fix? Any help will be appreciated!

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