[Help] Windows 10 Duel-boot.

I have two OS's installed, Linux and Windows, however when I try to update to Windows 10 it fails, and throws a error code at me.
After researching it says it's caused by the duel-booting however it never stated a solution.
If anyone out there knows a solution please let me know.

First step would be to post it on a windows related forum where people who actually know what they are talking about roam about. The majority of sa-mp developers are sa-mp developers, hue hue hue. I know you would have never guessed it. There are more appropriate forums for your question.

I haven't tried it (I prefer to just use a USB drive when I want to boot linux, rather than a dual-boot setup), but this may help you: http://www.howtogeek.com/197647/how-...indows-7-or-8/

It's time to fight, duel my operating systems!

is he the real ngg scripter

Something to do with the bootloader iirc. You'll most likely have to run the windows boot repair utility, which will get rid of GRUB but let you install Windows 10.

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It's time to fight, duel my operating systems!
I choose you, Windows Vista! Special move: black screen!

Save your all files to safe place and re-install it. Make sure you format disk so that "duel operating system" problem will solve or you can install windows 8 first as backup(Mind in-case you do jot like windows 10 so you can revive your windows).

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