I need a review


I had been designing and creating GFX Banners from a year or more and today, I made a signature which i think is my best art till now... So, I created this thread coz i want to know what can i add or edit or remove in my signature styles.. Please no jokes, Simply review it.


Render Used:

Waiting for replies

Maybe this is third reply. Anyway good. will you do a free bite for me? :P

Fine Art... keep up

If you wanna make us some of these fine arts as our signature and we can only tell what kind of anime/movies we do like to include in our request then it should be fine or maybe the characters will suffice.

too pixelated but it's good

Me Gusta!

doesn't looks so cool. your brushes are not too perfect. either way, your design is fine

I will personally say I think it's a bit to blocky for my liking, it doesn't look HD I think is the way I would like to put it, but if its your first try I'd say you've got potential.

It's better than the usual things I see around here, but I don't like the render. Can't argue about taste, though.

What I really dislike, though, is tall signatures. Most people have no more than a 1080p screen; 1080 vertical pixels. That means four or five 200px signatures is an extra page of mindless scrolling. Really, signatures shouldn't be taller than 150px or so.

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