Server dropps or something every few minutes

Alright so, I hosted a home-made samp server (just to test things with friends and finish the script before i host it again.)
and every few minutes, it shows me that all the players are tabbed out and i can't type or do commands.
The problem is not only for my friends, its for me to..
I thought it was something with my internet but I did the same like half year ago and I didn't have this problem (same internet).
Also my internet is pretty fine, in other games when I host it works pretty clean..

I posted it on Server Support, but they suggested me to post here.
So I posted again, but here.

We're not mind readers, without seeing the code we can only guess.

Mhm, what code exactly? the whole script? its to long..

Originally Posted by SoldierX
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Happend to me a long time. It was cause I used a zCMD which was outdated. So, I'd suggest you posting this on Scripting Help since you can get a faster reply.
This is what one guy posted in the last section.

Help me please

Replicate the scenario again. The moment this problem occurs, look at the time and give us the server log around that time. If you know the time frame without replicating then obviously you dont have to do it again.

Download crashdetector and spend some time using whatever commands. Then hopefully along the way whenever the server crashes. You'll get the result of what caused it to crash in the first place.

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