SAMP server drops ever few minutes.

Alright so, I hosted a home-made samp server (just to test things with friends and finish the script before i host it again.)
and every few minutes, it shows me that all the players are tabbed out and i can't type or do commands.
The problem is not only for my friends, its for me to..
I thought it was something with my internet but I did the same like half year ago and I didn't have this problem (same internet).
Also my internet is pretty fine, in other games when I host it works pretty clean..

It bassicly happens whenever we use a command...

I believe there's some scripting error at your command. Show the command lines

script error on your commands
Put a print for every command

Happend to me a long time. It was cause I used a zCMD which was outdated. So, I'd suggest you posting this on Scripting Help since you can get a faster reply.

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