im working with BG-RP script its all working fine no problemes but when i tryed to port forward i think it didnt work:
1) i tryed to change my local ip to a static ip by doing this :


so im ready to port forward im working with a netis DL4322 it is not a famous router but its doing the job
i went to my gateway in my browser i typed in to enter my router settings like you see in this photos

like you see in the website i have already a camera using port 7777 so i dont need it i will try with 7776 alright so i choosed protocol UDP cause in this router website there isnt "both" option

i went to my fire wall to forward it and to allow this port im working with windows 7 its just to improve performance that it looks like this :

i clicked on advanced settings so this window pop up

so iv clicked in Incoming traffic rule and add a new rule

but when i run my server with port 7776 its working fine but whe i got sacnr monitor its says failed to connect to the server this is my external ip so i add the port in samp like this but i see that the server (Retrieving info...)
but when i enter my ipv4 adress
i can read the server
please help me

First of all, just disable Windows firewall alltogether and see if it's router or Windows firewall blocking your traffic.

Did you try googling it ? And i think you have to make your firewall settings.Firewall settings are very important in portforwarding.

ok il do that

****** what ?

should i ****** my server or what

hey sergei i tryed to disable firewall and restarted the server but still sacnr monitor cant connect to my server and i cant enter with my

Your IP is not static , or the other option : Your ISP provider hasn't granted you the access to have the static ip.

how to make him grante me and to make it static

Originally Posted by Wizzard2H
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Your IP is not static , or the other option : Your ISP provider hasn't granted you the access to have the static ip.
Your network is probably a Shared one. You can't forward the ports yourself unless your ISP confirms them. Contact your ISP and list the ports you wanna forward.

if i dont ahve a ISP what to do ? i want to forward on my own

i dont have an ISP i work with a router that i bought from the market what to do,there isn't a way to port forward myself

i dont have an ISP i bought this router from the market i think i cant contact my ISP isnt there a way to forward port by my own

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