My old acc

Hello community!

So I'm having big problem with my old account, I don't know where should I contact Sa-mp team so I'm writing this here.

So the problem is I just can't log in to my old acc, I tried all passwords I'm using, so I tried to get my account back via. e-mail, I used every e-mail I'm using to get that code and I didn't get on any of that mails I'm using + I know which mail should be right, but code to recover my account just doesn't reach my mail, so I'm asking if there is any helper from sa-mp team that's willing to help me to recover my lost account, it's name is Lajko1

Thank you very much I will wait on answers or even private message.

Visit IRC, and have a talk with dugi. He'll help you, maybe!

There's something that a player should not trust (liers)
The account is online now, and if it was stolen the beta team would check the log ips and if they match!

If it was my account and see a topic like this in my mind will come "you just jealous cuz of player's posts are higher than yours".I'm not rude or offending,its my thought!

If you have proofs this is for real your account i would recommend to speak to dugi.

Really really thank you guys but I searched on my e-mail that acc is registered and I found lost old PW and I got my acc back you all will get rep from Lajko1 acc thanks again.

There you repped you guys for fast response with attempt to help

Originally Posted by Lajko1
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There you go repped you guys for fast response with attempt to help
That's so sweet of you. Thank you.

EDIT: Glad to see your account back! Good luck brother!

To be honest, i am helping people cuz my real job is tech-support and I'm in a big tech-business.
I love helping but I'm not doing it for reputations.Helping a partner(job word) is in my life!
Glad you got your account back!

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