[Map] Admin Island


thanks, very nice
P/S: Sorry very bad english :3

Extremely repetitive. Too many of those island bases, the ground should be flat. Too many of those outer rocks, you shouldn't cover holes like that. Too bland and discolored, use texturing.

Yes if you are using piles of rocks you are doing something wrong but don't feel bad even Rockstar did the same thing themselves on GTA5 if you are spamming rock objects as a barrier rethink what you are doing immediately.

Good try, but it's weird: All the rocks are the same, the same trees too and the ground is ... I don't know how to describe it! :/

All of the rocks are the same, the buildings are so horribly made because it's too close for each other, and the space is really huge so you can make the buildings more far as possible to each other. But at least you did tried your best and there's nothing wrong about it except for the things that I've mentioned above.

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