[Map] El Quebrados [Remap]

[CENTER]Note: It is NOT fully done, and I'm not working on this map anymore. Use this map, edit it, implement it whatever but don't repost without my permission.

G'day Everyone. As ya'll know El Quebrados seemed to be a Ghost Town, so I decided to put some effort to turn it into a widdle city. I made it for a Roleplay Community I play at, but it doesn't seem to impress them xD. It's not complete, and I've given up with this project. Here are some screenies.



Nice job dude!

tbh i can't see any work there.

Will you post the codes?

You need to release the codes here. If you don't want to release the code, post it on Screenshots And Videos section.

Where are the codes for this? I wanna try it out and those screen shots you have posted are amazing but the only thing missing are the codes.

When the map is done? this map is pretty cool, Good job.

Good job!

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