Player stats not saving on host

I recently hosted my server on smartbytes and everything was fine until i noticed that stats weren't saving at all....:S localhost everything is good and everything saves but when it came to the host nothing was happening it just created the user file saved the password and nothing else... im running the server on zombie apocalypse. Any help is more than welcomed, thank you.

Check the logs, it will tell you why files aren't saving. Like MYSQL and etc.

Nothing shows on the logs on why the stats are not saving im rly confused... Localhost everything works like a charm but the one that is hosted on smartbytes won't save the stats? Is it something releated with the host? Im pretty sure there's nothing wrong with the script/gamemode

Put some printf statements between your code (where each line is saved into the file) and debug-print your saving system that way.
You may also print the actual line that should be saved into the file to your server console (and it automatically appears in the log as well), then you may be able to find the problem.

I made some prints and everything shows that it works but still nothing really changed... Could you please be more detailed on what i should do maybe im doing wrong something. Im a beginner at scripting...

what admin system you are using?

Not using any admin system only using a gamemode maybe u heard of it. Zombie Apocalypse


Have you tried checking the mysql connection details to ensure they are correct. Also have you check that the database has been uploaded correctly (same table structure as the gm).

Finally try swapping out the plugin version to see if its that that caused it since ur host transition. ALWAYS USE MYSQL_STATIC.SO / DLL

you can also try running from putty: chmod 777 samp-server

Chmod your samp-server to 777, Had this problem before.

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