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Hello, I'm currently trying to create a dialog that shows the items that you have in your inventory after pressing a key, here's what I have

	new dialogstr[562];
	if(UserData[playerid][sItem1] > 0) return strcat(dialogstr, ""W"Item1:\t%d\n", UserData[playerid][sItem1]);
	if(UserData[playerid][sItem2] > 0) return strcat(dialogstr, ""W"Item2:\t%d\n", UserData[playerid][sItem2]);
	else SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, ""W"You don't have anything in your inventory");
	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_INVENTORY, DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS, ""COLORSV"Inventory", dialogstr, ""W"Select", ""W"Cancel");
However, nothing happens after pressing the key. If you don't have anything it does display the message, but if you have at least 1 item, the dialog doesn't show up.

I've also tried using format instead of strcat, but I get the same result. I don't want the dialog to show up items that you don't have, so is there another way to do this?


Here's a script for an advanced Dialog Inventory system another server uses, hopefully this can help you out as it doesn't use strcat:

pawn Код:
stock ShowInventory(playerid)
    new invstring[128];
    for(new item;item<MAX_ITEMS;item++)
    format(iItemList,sizeof(iItemList),"Amount\t\tItem Name%s",iItemList);
    format(invstring,sizeof(invstring),"Backpack [%d/%d][Item Use]",PlayerInfo[playerid][pSlotu],PlayerInfo[playerid][pSlot]);
Okay this isn't going to be easy since you use "UserData[playerid][sItem1]" and you should use "UserData[playerid][sItem] [1]". I really think you should change that, when defining the array type it like this: sItem[AMOUNT OF ITEMS A PLAYER CAN STORE].

This way you can make the loop work and check if the player has any item on the given slot:

And add the item to the list using the format:

format(iItemList,sizeof(iItemList),"Item%d:\t %d\n",NUMBER,UserData[playerid][sItem][NUMBER]);

And then simply display it after the loop finished messing around.

And instead of displaying the number of the item you can add a name to it using this script:

pawn Код:
stock GetItemName(modelid)
    new modelname[128];

    case ITEMID:format(modelname,sizeof(modelname),"Item Name");

    default: format(modelname, sizeof(modelname), "Unnamed Item");
    return modelname;
And simply do this when listing the items:

format(iItemList,sizeof(iItemList),"Item%d:\t %d\n",NUMBER,GetItemName(UserData[playerid][sItem][NUMBER]));

Hope I helped you, if you have any questions I'll try to help you out!

Edit.: And don't use table_header dialog if you only want to display one thing per line, which is the name / id of the item that might also be the problem with your current script.

Well, I've finally managed to do it. It was a lot easier than I expected:

	new itm1[32], itm2[32], total[64];

	if(UserData[playerid][sItem1] > 0)
	format(itm11, sizeof(itm1), "Item1: %d", UserData[playerid][sItem1]);

	if(UserData[playerid][sItem2] > 0)
	format(itm2, sizeof(itm2), "Item2: %d", UserData[playerid][sItem2);

	format(total, sizeof(total), "%s\n%s", itm1, itm2);
	SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, total);
	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, DIALOG_INVENTORY, DIALOG_STYLE_LIST, ""COLORSV"Inventory", total, ""W"Select", ""W"Cancel");

The suggestion was a little hard to understand and I wanted to make it as simple as I could but thanks for replying!

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