Divide with zero

Hi guys,
I'm makeing some stats for business system and I have a little bit BIG problem, some arrays will be zero few days(maybe more) in new month(stats are splited in months) but computer can't divide with zero. So, is any way that exit from dividing be 0 if is divider 0? It's help me a lot because now(with this stupid math) I must split that code(format function) on whole bench of ugly checks... Thanks a lot guys

Soo you are try to set some arrays to 0 after some days or moths ?

I thing use Unix Timestamp
Click Here For the tutorial

It will help

NOTE: if i understand you wrong please explain mee it again
Thank you

No, I found way to do that...

stock _HRP_Divide(Float:_dividend, Float:_divider)
	if(_divider == 0.00) return (false);
	return (_dividend / _divider);
I hope you understand know on what I thought.. Thanks, I solved the problem

Good Job i was thing you was need to re-create it

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