Load failed plugins sscanf

Hello I have a problem with my plugins sscanf.
Not registered : sscanf init
"" sscanf join, Leave, "sscanf." and he load failed

Make sure you've downloaded latest verison and you've included #include <sscanf2> at the top of your script also write in server.cfg plugins sscanf, and please explain more i didn't get it.

I already did that.
In fact, I think this is a missing bookseller.
But I have almost all downloaded.
My OS: Windows 7 64-bit.

Try installing Microsoft visual C++ 2010 and the Net Frameworks, then try again!

oh and make sure you've msvcp120 with samp-server.exe

Not worked
I have microsoft new framework 4.5.5
"" "" 4.5.2
Microsoft visual c++ 2008 X 86
"" 2010 x 64 2010
"" 2012 X 64
"" 2012 x 86
"" 2013 x 64
"" 2013 x 86

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