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The reason why I'm making this thread, is to see what Role-Players want to see in a server( Mapping, Features, Staff).
What do the best Role-Play server has?
What do you want/ need to see in a new Roleplay server?
This thread is very important to me, because I want to give my Roleplay server the things that the players are most intersted in.

One of a kind theme is what we want. You can open a regular RP server and no one will play it, or you can open a server based on a unique setting and guarantee "some" players.

Role Play server has different jobs for the players so they choose and perform the job

My intentions are to make, player ownable jobs with a system copy from the real world, with an unique business system, jobs connected to eachother by players and features. So offcourse having unique jobs is the first priority.
The thing is that, you have all this money, but in most of the servers you can just buy house, business, cars with them, but my idea is to make everything, absolut everything player ownable. A way of giving players something to do all the time and not get bored while playing.

Simple things like when you walk into a bank, people (NPC's) should be inside to replicate how it would actually be. And with 0.3.7 adding Actors, you can do just that, easily. Tax-systems. A proper economy, where prices and wages are similar to real life, but obviously dumbed down.

I personally prefer strict roleplay servers. But nowadays there are quite few strict roleplay servers. However:

This is what I do not like:
- Refund of VIP, money and what not as all the NGG RP edits
- Non-unique servers (doesn't matter if you've changed hostname and a few ingame colors from a released script)
- Servers that are up one day, down the other day.
- Immature staff
- Trollers and a lazy administration team

What I do like:
- A server that is unqiue, based in Los Santos (yes.. my opinion)
- A bank, a police department, a medical and fire department, and families and other factions. (No FBI, CSI etc)
- SD IF the server has a stable playerbase above 50
- Serious faction leaders
- Hard to get weapons and money (Because then the players have to work to get it, which mean they'll play)
- A good LSPD system (MDC where you can look up vehicles, outstanding charges etc)
- /ame is NEEDED
- Players that are mature and not dicks.

Why don't you just try be original and come up with the ideas yourself? Or just not make one at all?

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Why don't you just try be original and come up with the ideas yourself? Or just not make one at all?
Useless post, don't post bump if you don't want to suggest, he needs suggestions and not shitposts, don't know why people don't get it in their minds. If you don't want to suggest, there's no need of posting shit.
The word "SUGGEST/ION" has a reason to exist.

your server will probably fail, but in general be sure that;

- gangs and government factions are active
- dont open too many government factions, just use 1 law enforcement faction and 1 medical faction
- get admins that can act unbiased and not be idiots
- dont even bother

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