Can See Servers in Favourites Tab But They Appear Offline

So, this happened as soon as I started my computer.
I pressed the SA-MP icon and then all the servers are like there but it says 0 ping on each and every one of them notifying they're offline, althought the servers are truely online. So I don't know what the hell is going on and why is it caused.
Any help?

I've tried:
Disabling my antivrus.
Disabling my firewall.
Reinstalled SA-MP.
Removed server and added it back.
Refreshed it alot of times.


I've noticed that when I exit out of my network connection so I won't have any internet and then get back into my internet, for a quick 5 seconds I can access the servers and see their ping, but after that.. It's gone.

Anyone knows the solution?

Have you tried reinstalling GTA SA itself?

Try flushing your dns and restart your router if you had access to it

Perhaps try installing GTA SA into a different folder and then install SAMP. This aleays was my solution for everything.

it may be a problem with your net you should restart your net and also clear temporary files of your computer by typing temp in RUN cmd

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