Game occasionally 'freezing'

I have a huge problem completly disabling my ability to play.
Okay, so, whenever I play SAMP, on any kind of server, the game ocassionally freezes along with my PC, making a sound similiar in which a PC gets frozen (that DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR one), shortly after it stops and I can play again but often my keyboard can get disconnected for no reason whatsoever.
Sometimes it goes for a looooooooong time, popping green squares all over the screen and then it says that my driver managed to recover itself from a crash.
I use a GTX 560 with Nvidia Experience (or was it Geforce Experience?).
Anyway, I uninstalled it later because I thought it's causing the problem - still, the crashes are persisting.
And no, the freezing DOES NOT appear in singleplayer.
I have read somewhere that the Experience thingy tries to launch gta-sa with it's own settings, meanwhile SAMP with the other settings and this could cause the problem, but without experience, what could cause it?
Can anyone help me?
Cheers, and thanks in advance!

Reinstall your samp
and also reinstall your graphics driver

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