Hey guys, I have a little problem. When I and other players connect to my server they play and when they re-log they lose all score so I think saving system It's needed to be installed and I don't know how to install that even don't know what is that.

And if anyone know any good Linux GANG wars gamemode or Cops vs terrorist could tell here.


You can download any GM from the GameMode section of the forums. You just need to download an Admin System Filterscript from the Filterscript section and then add the Admin system in your linux server and the admin system scriptfiles to scriptfiles folder , so after that you can go to server.cfg and edit them to your GM name and FS name and your linux server is ready and set "announce" to "1" to get your server listed in the Internet List.

You can choose any script, doesn't matter if it's windows, as long as the plugins are .so and not .dll and make sure to chmod the directory just in case.

Is your GM saving ini files if that's so it's likely your chmod and chown.

You must chown your folder to whatever user and usergroup is running the server such as chown -R gameserver:gameserver /home/gameserver

You can also try chmod such as chmod -R 700 /home/gameserver/scriptfiles/

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