Help .. with Music

Hey guys well i didnt know where to post that so i posted here
Is there any Way To add Music for Server in scriptfiles
and load them via The gamemode/FS?
well if is a way i will apprice if u help me
i was think like
i make a folder "Music"
and inside put the mp3 Music
and yeah i didnt Search Yet for that
... so dont comment Like Search if is there any tutorial ....

You can upload the mp3 files to a host and use PlayAudioStreamForPlayer.

I recommend you to upload MP3 files to Dropbox. Then, just use this:

Thanks ..

Originally Posted by Nenzittow
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Do not use dropbox. Eventually dropbox will catch on and block your music links due to heavy bandwith usage or something

Just upload the mp3 somewhere and then use "PlayAudioStreamForPlayer." in your command or where you want to put it and inside the AudioStream you have to put the link of the place where you uploaded.

Well i will try .. thanks guys

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