Server Flood? Solution

I have been reciving this floo since a a week which drops the playerbase from 60S TO 0 IN NO TIME.
All these attacks are sent from ip which i believe is a part of the tcp network protocol. either the ip is hidden or something. i cant even ban the ip.

Here mate use this

You're getting flooded with spoofed IP addresses due to a exploit in the networking on SA-MP 0.3z the problem is fixed on 0.3.7 or a temp fix is using the plugin as provided but it doesn't provide a hundred percent effectiveness anymore as it seems because I was using the plugin and still having spoofed IPs attacking so I moved over to 0.3.7.

The above solutions are useless, youre getting these bots joining your server, therefor OnPlayerConnect is called.
All you need is this (which i use):
Include it, then add

public OnPlayerFloodControl(playerid, iCount, iTimeSpan) {
	if(iCount > 2 && iTimeSpan < 8000) {
in your gamemode code, and you're safe.

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It's pretty hard to get your own version but this actually fixed the problem for now

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