Notepad++ in SA_MP

Hey there! I was wondering how to add more auto completion things in notepad++ because i wanted to implement or help people to choose notepad++ over pawno.... Kindly show some codes so i can review them and make my own set for the up coming 0..3.7 SA-MP Version


By the way, after completing this.. i will release it for the lazy asses XD

I update them myself but I don't have permission from the author to release a newer version of it.

@Jimmy0wns How do you add them?

Just open the userDefineLang.xml and add the new functions.

I've decided to not be an ass and just upload it, you can get it here:

Just replace the original userDefineLang.xml in (%appdata%/Notepad++)
This doesn't cover everything and might have some mistakes here and there, but it includes the new functions from 0.3.7.

Just be sure to restart notepad after you've overwritten it.

EDIT: I realized you meant the auto-complete thing, I unfortunately don't know, sorry.

I just decided to update mine today and so added everything after SA:MP v0.3z R4. Working fine for me, haven't noticed any bugs whatsoever. Feel free to use it, instructions included.

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