inactive account auto delete

Is it possible to make auto delete system for inactive accounts with non-mysql accounts system?


Yes, first you need to write in the files at every player login the date:
LastLoggedIn = here will be a timestamp (gettime()

pawn Код:
#define oneday 86400 // don't change that
#define afterXdays 30 //You can change this value, the max days allowed an account without login.

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)//You can put the code from OnPlayerConnect to your login system if you want.
        new makeSTR[100];
    format(makeSTR,sizeof(makeSTR),"%i",gettime()); // Save as string because the ingeter is too big.
        new file[101];
        format(file, sizeof(file), "Users/%s.ini", Name);//Change to your path.
        new INI:ACCOUNT = INI_Open(Jfile);
    INI_WriteString(ACCOUNT, "LastSeen", LastOnlineTIMESTAMP);


            new idx, file[MAX_FILE_NAME];
            while(idx < fnum("/Users/"))
                fname(NULL_DIR, idx, file);

                format(file, 256, "/Users/%s", file);
                new lastseen;
                new File:handle = fopen(file, io_read),buf[100];
                    while(fread(handle, buf))
                        if(strfind(buf, "LastSeen", true) != -1)
                            strdel(buf, 0, 11);
                            lastseen = strval(buf);

                if(lastseen < afterXdays*oneday) fremove (file);
                if(fexist(file)) fclose(handle);
            return 1;
Not tested. It sould work, but if you have a lot of accounts, it would lag your server.
I used ****** (YSI) for ini files, Zeex (ZCMD) for command and Swimor(RL_FILES) from here:

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