I can't add more houses on my server

My problem: I can't add more houses on my server
What i tried:
I followed the following steps:

-I added this house in server/scriptfiles/cfg/property.cfg , and in server/scriptfiles/property.cfg.
1333.4387,-631.8025,109.1349,2215.454833,-1147.475585,1025.796875,0,0,0,0,0,0,The State,1 Bedroom Apartment,200000,0,0,15,1,0,0,300,0,0,418,-1,-1,36,4,170
-Then i modified this line in my gamemode:
new HouseInfo[171][hInfo];   //it was 170 before
-Then this one:
new Float:HouseCarSpawns[171][4] = {    //it was 170 before
-Then i added this car:
-I compiled the gamemode without warnings or errors, but when i enter on the server , the house wasn't added.

I use this gamemode: (QUIT GF-RP by Ge0.)
I'm sure that i have 171 houses in poperty.cfg

What should i do ?

P.S. sorry for bad english.. :\

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