Marine Life, new server type

Hello there,
Today I'm here to propose you a new server/gm type.
If you know "Pilot's Life" you might know how I'll talk you about.
I would to make a new gm where you can drive from little boat (like Dinghy) to big ship (like SF Cargo Ship) and all about you can do at sea. With eventually ranks/classes/teams/factions and similar.
I wanted to know what you think of this idea and possibly suggest other ideas.

- Sailor
- Skimmer Pilot
- Port District
- Boater 
- Tugboat
- Port Pilot
- Search and Rescue (SnR)
- Cargoship Pilot
- SA CoastGuard
- SA Navy
Will be added more classes.
- Player System with UCP and all other default system (MySQL plugin using orm or cache)
- Teamspeak Connector with range voice chat
- Missions in all SA
- Custom mapped ports, bays and islands
- Radio chat for rp purpose
- Weather zone
- Anchor system
- Cargoship with crane for loading
- Tugboat can tow others boats
- Cargoship Pilot can drive big ship (like SF Cargoship)
- Coastguard can help/aid any player have problem
- Port pilots can attach to a boats and assist it when docking
- Many keys for control boat/ship, like N to drop anchor
- Naval yard for repair/refuel some boats/ships
- Crane to pick up boats and put them into naval yard
- Anyone can buy a boats
- Fishing system
- VIP player can do a party in to the boat
- MAYBE: Multilanguages system
Will be added more features
First screens:

Looking for a serious mapper! Contact me via pm if you're interested.

Seems boring and vastly simple to me.

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Seems boring and vastly simple to me.
Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate your honesty!

Can you not?

Sounds quite boring to me, not to mention that the water in GTA:SA is quite bugged.

If you really put effort in it then it could be a great server. But it needs unique features which you don't see on every non-boat server

Yeah go for it, make it unqiue and add some DOPE features that's never seen before on other boat servers.. I'm with you.

It's a YES from me!

2 YES and 2 NO.

Thanks all, i'm starting off with scripting. ASAP a list of to-do and ideas
You continue to vote

It looks like a DM Server or smth like team Deathmatch isnt it ? :P

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Sounds quite boring to me
That coming from someone who runs an aviation server is quite ironic.

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