[GameMode] Los Santos Gynemies (team deathmatch, turfwars, gangs, deathmatch, gadmin, SQLITE, and more..)

Los Santos Gynemies

Gamemode ready to HOST!
PM me if you are hosting, just for personal and security reasons!

Hello fellow sampers. I am not working on this project anymore. This is scratch built gamemode with turfwar the main part of TDM. The team deathmatch is situated in Los Santos street.

> Thanks to Excel for class selection textdraws and turfwar progress bars idea!

Before you say this is an edit: (ITS NOT)

Excel: Yes, sure you can take the textdraws code and use it your GM.

  • Textdraws based team selection
  • GAdmin system integrated
  • Anti team kill
  • Anti team vehicle damage
  • Anti team vehicle jack
  • Anti team knifing
  • Team bases
  • Turfwar system with progress bars
  • Interactive gangzones, zones with borders
  • Team based weapons, each team have different set
  • Anti swear, advert, spam, flood
  • SQL BAN system (GAdmin
  • Intergrated with GAdmin
  • Uses YSI 3.1, better performance
  • Whirlpool password hashing
  • Screen fadig effect on team select and death
  • Killing spree system with textdraws
  • Kill and death message textdraws
  • Teargas effect(not recommended)
  • Anti aimbot protection by ipsLeon
  • Weapons drop system (with disappear timer of 30 secs)
  • Minigun maddness event/minigame for deathmatch
  • Chatbubble
  • Dialogs based and interactive
  • Bike helmet system by Hiddos
  • Helicopter magnet by Deadpool
  • Default game shops and enter exits
  • Mapicons placed at default shops
  • Random pickups in game
  • Enterable/Exitable/Jackable RC vehicles in game
  • SQLITE database totally
  • Bug free game, with fixes.inc
  • Different walking styles for different teams
  • Headshot system with deah message
  • Petrol cap destroy system
  • Give cash and weapons to others by /givegun and /givemoney
  • All necessary admin commands
  • Admin on duty system (GAdmin)
  • Dialogs based /help command
  • Random game messages system
  • Realtime, game clock system with textdraws
  • Random team spawns, can be edited or added or deleted in script(gamemode)
  • Anti spawn kill protection system
  • USERFRIENDLY, very easy to edit all scripts and optional features. Toggle them easily

Libraries Used
  • YSI 3.1
  • Fixes include
  • Sscanf2 plugin
  • Progress bar v2 include
  • Streamer plugin
  • Screen fader include
  • textdraws, gangzones, pause, gadmin includes (by me)
  • seif_walk include
  • OnPlayerShootVehiclePart include
  • Whirlpool hash plugin
  • ZCMD
  • BUD include
File dropper
Your file link
Fast files

  • How to edit teams?
    Go into the gamemode script and search for the array:
    new gTeam[MAX_TEAMS][gTeamEnum] =
    	{"Grove",    			0x007D0080,     106,	WALK_NORMAL},
    	{"Ballas",   			0x9245AB80,   	102,	WALK_PED},
    	{"Aztecas",   			0x18D6E480,    	173,	WALK_GANGSTA},
    	{"Da Nang",    			0x66000080,     121,	WALK_OLD},
    	{"Vagos",  				0xFFFF0080,  	108,	WALK_GANGSTA2},
    	{"Law Enforcement",		0x0000BB80,   	285,	WALK_DRUNK},
    	{"Mafia",   			0x00FFFF80,   	124,	WALK_LADY2},
    	{"Bikers",   			0xFF990080,   	248,	WALK_LADY},
    	{"Triads",   			0xFFFFFF80,   	118,	WALK_FAT},
    	{"Secret Agency",   	0xAAAA0080,   	164,	WALK_FAT_OLD},
    	{"Pimps",   			0x7CFC0080,   	249,	WALK_WHORE},
    	{"Low Riders",   		0xDC143C80,   	21,		WALK_WHORE2},
    	{"Skaters",   			0x00FF0080,   	99,		WALK_BLIND},
    	{"Undertakers",   		0xF0E68C80,   	33,		WALK_DEFAULT},
    	{"Workers",  			0xB8860B80,  	260, 	WALK_DEFAULT}
    You can add more teams or even delete because the team selection is based on textdraws and textdraws are not dynamic!
    Very easy to edit actually, just input your values and thats it. Here is the format of editing:

    ("team name", <color>, <skin>, <walking style>}

  • How to edit turfs or add turfs?
    Yes you can edit turfs or even add them. Its a static system but the script handles it very nicely.
    For adding or editing, search for the array:
    new gTurf[][TurfEnum]
    Ok once you are there, go and add or delete or edit just like in team editing. For adding, here is the format:

    {<turf name>, <minX>, <minY>, <maxX>, <maxY>, <owner>, NO_TEAM, false, "0", false, -1, -1, -1}

    THe lines without brackets "<>" are not to change, these are default tuf settings.

First! This is awesome, Your code is good and YSI!


This is some cewl shit +REP, Fix your mirror btw

Good but your download link is not working

Originally Posted by arlindi
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Good but your download link is not working
Checkout the mirror: http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=1059598

Great gamemode.

I would suggest you to update turfwar; the team with more players shall be given priority than looping from begining.

BTW, I like the /help dialog!


Good Work!

This is really good man! Please guide me how to rep someone so I can rep you

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