How to create an actual roleplay server?

Basically this is a what would you do type of question. Alright, we've seen that the majority of the servers out there that call themselves a "roleplay" community, to which are just a cops n robbers server with roleplay basically. There's cops and criminals yet nothing really for civilian roleplay. My question is what would you want in a server in order to have an awesome experience roleplaying a civilian.

Lol. Do whatever you can bruh but at the end it will turn out a CnR server
Look at those big RP servers.

There's a line that short enough!
Want it done right? Do it yourself!
Man, thus relies on RP servers, make systems on "[i] Real Life [/ i]".
Do not, servers full of extravagant colors and others.
Create your own, do not be focused only on Los Santos out, what most servers do ..
Anyway, that's it.

These type of thread have been created over and over, over the years, yet everything is still the same. Why don't you just have a look at those antic threads?

Why won't anyone create something new already rather than asking for ideas for new implementations?
It would go much faster thiking alone rather than waiting for the ideas to fly right into you.

do something unique.
don't ask about it.

Realism seems like a good idea in theory, but then once you make a server fully based off realism, the features draw people in, but they quickly realize that it's a lot of work to do small things. Nobody wants to have business hours or have to stock their store's shelves every few hours. It just gets too boring after a while. This is why most RP servers either close, or become more RPG/CnR based

I was trying to get the input of the SA-MP community in general to see what the majority would like to see. It's always a good thing to hear what others have to say... either way thanks!

Do somthing that no other roleplay servers have, Or that is rare.
Such as A "Vice City" Thememed RP, But the way I see SA-MP RP Going is that the only way you are going to get players is by putting "Hiring" Or "Need Staff" In the server name.

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Lol. Do whatever you can bruh but at the end it will turn out a CnR server
Look at those big RP servers.
This guy said it all ,Almost all the servers are CnR

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