GTA Freezing halfway loading bar

So basically I reinstalled gta
Since then, when I open up samp it freezes when it's halfway done loading (The white bar thingy). Same goes with SP, it freezes at the half

First of all, try running SAMP in administrator mode. You could also try renaming your San Andreas directory. By that, I mean renaming the "GTA San Andreas" map to another name. I use GTA San Andreas 2. Now, when you do this, and open up SAMP, it will ask you to locate your SA directory. Just search for GTA San Andreas 2 or any other name you changed it to, and pick that. Your SAMP should now work fully. If you have any ENB's, or other heavy mods, try deleting these aswell. Good luck, hope I helped!

I used to have this when my gta3.img was incomplete, in other words: I edited it and screwd it up

try downloading a clean gta3.img from somewhere, or ask your friend to send it to you.

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