how to detect an exploit attack? panel records?

It depends on the type of exploit; however exploits / issues (such as split packet dropped, etc. ) that are detected by SA:MP commonly show up in the server_log.txt file.

this attack does the server ping go over a thousand, falling one by one by connection problems , and there is nothing in the log

Is your server running 0.3z?

yes 0.3z

If you're actually using the 0.3z-R1 version the attack is probably the one patched in R2:
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This update is for SA-MP server owners only

SA-MP 0.3z R2-1 server

- Fix: Specially crafted tools could attack the server's lower level networking layer, causing the server to hang and drop players.
If it is - though 0.3z-R2 should fix the issue updating to R4 fixes more issues, adds more functions and is overall a more stable version to use for your server.

You can find these versions here:

I use 3.0 r4 and attacks happen ... thanks anyway Rep

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