Android Problem

I am not sure if this is the right forum or section to ask sorry if broke any rules/regulations.

I was having an issue with my phone (phone information will be below) it wont play videos, even the gallery video. All the video it used to play is now unsupported, i cannot even watch streaming videos nor anything related to video, if i did so it will freeze for a second and then my phone will tell me its unsupported or sometimes its blank only the audio is playing.

I figure out that the only working video is ******* (not the app version)

Weird, the android browser sometimes crashes when playing videos too. The problem is that is crashing only when playing ******* videos. I still can watch movies or other videos from other websites by using another video player.

I believe the problem occured when i uninstalled the lagging ****** Chrome, i also uninstalled my Clash of Clans by accident, and from that day when i re-installed my CoC, it doesn't create a shortcut on the Home Screen

It actually installs the shortcut on the Home Screen, but it just takes a while to process in case you are running more applications. Depends of your device specifications though. For me, at a 1,8 GHz processor and 521 RAM, it creates the shortcut with a delay of 10 minutes after installation.

My device never delays on doing so, after the install it alway s places it's installed app on the home screen, Shall i do a hard reset? My phone is fucked up

My device used to do the same. I think you have your phone memory overcharged. Well, you can do whatever you wish, but in my opinion, the shortcuts can be created manually too.

That was just a minor thing, the problem (MAJOR ONE) is the videos which annoys me, I don't wanted to have the phone getting fucked up tomorrow in front of my friends.

Have you tried to instal any of antiviruses, maybe it is a virus... Or try format who space in mobile then instal android on it

Have you tried using third-party players? Try VLC, DicePlayer, and many others. The player which comes with the phone often gives issue, and it's better if you don't use them.

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