Compiler 'Problem' ( +rep )

Hi everybody!
Does anyone know, how to get lithuanian characters ( 'ą', 'č', 'ę', 'ė', 'į', 'љ', 'ų', 'ū' ) working in "Scripting Machine" ?
I've tried diffrent encoding, diffrent fonts and it still seems not to work ( the best I've got is that it changes 'ą' to 'a', 'č' to 'c' and so on... ).
Thanks for help!

P.S. Not sure if this is right forum to post it but I wasn't able to find the right one...


Have you tried using the classic "Pawno" to see if supports those characters? When scripting, you should change your PC language to lithuanian.

Yes, I've scripted ~8k lines in pawno and used lithuanian characters - no problem. Then I decided to change compiler so that it would be easier to find stuff in my code ( I need code folding, auto-complete, etc. ) "Scripting machine" is the one which fits all my needs. Just that one problem - characters :/


I don`t think you could fix it...A solution would be returning to Pawno, or maybe asking for support to Scripting Machine creator.

I would obviously recommend you Notepad++.
It mainly have most of you are seeking for as a pawn developer not the mention the wide availability of multiple languages and characters encoding.

Link to Notepad++ |
Link to tutorial to get pawno one Notepad++ | PAWN for SA-MP in Notepad++

One thing i didn't understood is, are you searching for a compiler or an IDE that is compatible with your language ?

@AK, thanks for reply.
It doesn't really matter if it's IDE or compiler.
I've tried Notepad++ but I didn't like it. Not sure why, but it just wasn't looking appealing for me :/

Sublime text is also a very good editor.

Scripting in C# is also a good alternative. It allows you to use Visual Studio. Check out the SampSharp project.

They are 2 different terms, IDE stand for Integrated development Environment and compiler is a program that allows you to compile source code, which is transforming it from the source language to the target language, and most likely the IDE comes with a prebuilt compiler.
So don't be fooled by this.
What i really meant by my question is, do you have a problem with special characters in the IDE you use ?
Cause the one i mentioned have all of what you wanted.
Sorry to say that, but that's all i can recommend, peace.

@AK', thanks! That was really helpfull!
Now I know that I need IDE, not compiler...
And yes, I have problem with special characters, like I mentioned in the first post ( ą, č, ę, ė, į, љ, ų, ū ), in the "Scripting Machine" IDE.

@Sithis. I've tried Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3. Both of them seems to show some warning/errors, that PAWNO doesn't. And I believe it's because I often use:
PHP код:
for( new 0blahi++ )
doSomething1( ),
doSomething2( ),
doSomething3( ),
doSomething4( ); 
instead of:
PHP код:
for( new 0blahi++ )
doSomething1( );
doSomething2( );
doSomething3( );
doSomething4( );

I believe, I'll have to get used to Notepad++ ...

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