Gta Map

How can i make something like this?

I know about SanMap but do how can i make whenever i create house on my server that is shows on my servers website map?

That is definitely not easy to make.
The solution for this is to do it manually, every time you add houses just add them on the tool.

It can be done dynamicly.. If i add it manualy i need to check is house on sale or if it has owner and lots of other stuff.. also update it.. so i need this dynamic..

If someone knows helppppp

You must work with MySQL or SQLight.

You save there the position of the house and all other information.

Then with php you can read the database out and can display an image on the screen (for this you need the X and Y coords from the database).

To place the image use e.g:

PHP код:
margin-top418.935px//X - coord
margin-left2662.950px//Y - coord 
Its very simple

Just watch at the source-code from the side you postet, u can just copy the background-image and place it like them..and then just add your images on the right position.


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