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Hello I have know when some player is on pickup for entering in the bank for exaple he get dialog for enter and he enter that's fine but son as he enter in the bank he get wright away dialog for exit how can I make for all player when player some enter in the bank and if he is entering then he don't get dialog wright know but he get only if it pass like 5 or 10 sec if you know what I mean also when player exiting and he get dialog for enter I also want to make something here when he is exiting he wait for some time and again he get dialog for enter. Thanks

You can do it with timers (https://sampwiki.blast.hk/wiki/SetTimerEx), but you can also move the interior spawn point a little bit so it doesn't coincide with the exit point.

anyone else? thanks

You could create a variable and set it to 1 when a player enters the building.
Then when he moves away from the pickup inside the building, set the variable to 0.

Then only make the exit dialog pop up if the variable is set to 0.

Or you could just set player pos diffrent than pickup pos that's in the bank

For example:
Pickup is at X 10, Y 10, Z 10;
Player should be at X 11, Y 10, Z 10;

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