Ammo Change (idea for anti ammo hack)
This is pretty effective against weapon hacks, but if the player hacks ammo for an existing weapon, this doesn't detect.
I was half way through my script which detects ammo too but i got stuck at the place where I'll have to detect when ammo of a player changes, i decided to use GetPlayerAmmo in a 1 second timer, but the problem is, some weapons can shoot several bullets in a second, if i find out a way to trigger a function everytime the ammo of a player changes (for holding weapon).
If i get to find out a way, I'll be able to make a decent anti weapon/ammo hack script.

So is there a way to trigger a function everytime a single bullet for a weapon changes (Ofcourse without making a 1 millisecond timer :-p )?
- Try OnPlayerWeaponShot.

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Well the problem is that i heard it doesn't detect sniper bullets and other weapons like RPG which has got Ammo but which can't be actually called as bullets


Only bullet weapons are supported. Only passenger drive-by is supported (not driver drive-by, and not sea sparrow / hunter shots).

Should be supported, however I can't think of any other way of detecting bullets with out using timers.

Any ideas to detect every bullets shot by any weapon (even tec9, minigun,RPG etc) would be useful, with or without a timer

Hoping someone could answer it...

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