Where can I find TextDraw Locations?

Hey, I made TextDraw for my server, and I wanna change location of it, How Do I find the location I want?

and fonts to..?

I think you should use an Textdraw Editors.

iPLEOMAX's Textdraw Editor it's the best. I think.

This editor isn't working for me, I don't know why, you guys got any other options for me ?
I already have the command
pawn Код:

            EXPRP[playerid] = TextDrawCreate(85.000000, 322.000000, "Express RolePlay");
            TextDrawAlignment(EXPRP[playerid], 2);
            TextDrawBackgroundColor(EXPRP[playerid], 255);
            TextDrawFont(EXPRP[playerid], 1);
            TextDrawLetterSize(EXPRP[playerid], 0.809998, 1.500000);
            TextDrawColor(EXPRP[playerid], -1);
            TextDrawSetOutline(EXPRP[playerid], 1);
            TextDrawSetProportional(EXPRP[playerid], 1);
            TextDrawShowForPlayer(playerid, EXPRP[playerid]);
I want to set this Text to be located in the TOP-RIGHT of the screen
or BOT-RIGHT/LEFT of the screen

You could try these if that one doesn't work for you:


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