How to set that object will usually move..

Hello, I want to create some minigames for christmas, and i want to create some objects that they will move
non stop..
they will move left, and then right, back left and again right, you know.. like this claiming games.

try this tutorial

I don't want it to move with a command..
When players join the server.. I want that this boxes will move usually left-right..
for all the players.

Well, I think you can set a timer at 100 ms wich it's setted to true and will move non-stop. For example under OnGameModeInit() or OnFilterScriptInit():

pawn Код:
SetTimer(''Move'', 100, true);
I don't have '', so replace them with correct symbol.

And then create the public:

pawn Код:
forward Move();
public Move()
    return 1;

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