[FilterScript] Jason's Dynamic Housing System

Jason's Dynamic Housing System v1.0.0

Jason's Dynamic House System is a SA:MP inspired script composed from scratch and only the most efficiently tested & clean scripting for the right audience. This housing system is composed of several administrator and player commands that is easily customizeable, short, simple, and of course sweet. With this filterscript only being 573 lines long, it is easy to take code for your script as you choose. As this filterscript continues to be developed, more and more customization features will come, along with easy to use scripting tools for understanding just how it works.

[rcon] /hcreate - Creates a house with the following parameters: exterior, interior, complete.
[rcon] /hedit - Edits an existing house with the following parameters: exterior, interior, sell, price.
[rcon] /gotohouse - Teleports the player to the exterior of a specified house id.
[rcon] /goinhouse - Teleports the player to the interior of a specified house id.
[rcon] /gotoco - Teleports the player to specified coordinates with the following parameters: x, y, z, interior id.

/buyhouse - Purchases the closest house for the player that executes the command.
/lockhouse - Locks a house if the player owns it, and is near the exterior/interior.
/enterhouse - Teleports the player to the interior of the house.
/exithouse - Teleports the player to the exterior of the house.

Efficient saving system using dini.inc
Dynamic Creation of Houses
Dynamic Editing of Houses
Dynamic editing features include price, exterior, interior, owner, etc.
5 Administrator (rcon) commands
4 Player commands
Easy to read coding
Easy to learn coding
Easy to copy coding
Easy to change coding

Note: You will need a ZIP program.
Upon downloading the package from the link at the bottom of the page, you will notice several folders in the ZIP file. These folders mark where the contents should go. Inside the filterscripts folder, you will see jdhs.pwn and jdhs.amx. These files go into your server's filterscript folder. Inside pawno, you will see includes. Inside includes, you will see zcmd, sscanf2, streamer, and dini. These files also go into your pawno -> includes folder. Next you should see plugins. Inside plugins, you should see sscanf & streamer. Drag these into your plugins folder. Lastly you should see sscanf. Drag that folder into your server's folder. Then open up your server.cfg, and on the plugins line (if there is not already one, type 'plugins' (without the ') under filterscripts. Then, after the word plugins, type streamer sscanf. So your line should look similar to this: plugins streamer sscanf Save your server.cfg. Go into your scriptfiles folder, and create a new folder called 'Houses'. Reboot your server, and log in game. Log into your server's rcon with /rcon login <password (which is found & changed in your server.cfg)>, and type /rcon loadfs jdhs. If it says the load was successful, you're ready to begin. If it failed, please see the F.A.Q section. If it continues to fail, please PM me on the forums and I will help you troubleshoot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I add a house, it crashes the server
A: You need to create a 'Houses' folder inside your scriptfiles. Do this, restart your server, and then try adding another house.

Q: No commands are working
A: You probably don't have an updated version of one of the plugins and/or includes. Use the ones that are packaged in the .zip file. Or, you did not load the filterscript. To load the filterscript, log into your rcon and type /rcon loadfs jdhs

Q: Load failed
A: If the load failed, one or two things may be happening. One, you didn't add the necessary files into your samp server as stated above in Installation. Two, you do not have the .amx in your filterscripts folder. This can be fixed by simply adding the needed files as stated in the Installatin section, or by re-compiling the .amx in your pawno.

BornHuman (Jason) for Jason's Dynamic Housing System
Y_Less for sscanf & streamer
DracoBlue for dini
Zeex for zcmd

Download v1.0.0
File Size: 194.51KB || Click Below to Download || Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/sRhJCguq

Please leave feedback as well as bug reports in my inbox and/or down below! Thank you so much for choosing J.D.H.S

Nice work you deserve a reputation

Originally Posted by MohanedZzZ
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Nice work you deserve a reputation
Thanks, means a lot.

Seems alright.

Woah; why do you make your strings so big? There's nothing wrong; but it really isn't good scripting practice when you start making long, complex scripts. Try making your strings a few cells shorter in the future!

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There's nothing wrong

Nice work

Dude fucking sweet!

Wow Nice work !

Nice housing system!!

GooD Work!

Good work.

I like it

Love it.
deff gonna use it

Thank you everyone for the positive feedback! Means a lot to me. Want to see this filterscript integrated into a basic roleplay script? Visit this link for my released gamemode!


Good Job!

Nice but doesn't work for me just doesn't wanna load!

I think I just don't have some plugin required

yep was a plugin

Good work i liked so much. !!

Why u do multi post always?

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yep was a plugin

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