How to create a Auto buy for ini system ? ( +REP )

Hi All
How to create a Auto buy for ini system ?
Example Buy coin in Website And Player Get Coin in The Game ?
my system is Y_ini
Please Help me
+Rep To Helper


Not Any Helper ?!
Cant ?

maybe with Rcon commands
(Sending rcon command to server from website)
i didn't test it !
but in other ways its impossible

Can You Say More information ?
how to send rcon command to server from website ?
please help me

Use MySQL/sockets.

you can make custom rcon command with "OnRconCommand" and send them to server
my friend made a system that register players from website ! and make .ini file for them
i don't actually know how he made it but i know he used OnRconCommand
if you use MySQL it very simple to make automatic shop

@SickAttack Man i dont know mysql ! For Create it !
@ M4D Please give link to your friend system , i can Use ini And Mysql ? Coin System with mysql for buy and other with ini ? example buy 100 Coin At Website ( Mysql) And Buy a Vip in Game With 100 coin on Ini , We Can ? Help Please

he didn't release his gamemode !
yes you can make a table for coins for example !
and when someone buy coin, UPDATE row that playername in it
when player wants to but VIP get coin field and store it into a variable ! then use it anywhere you want !

thanks M4D

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