Unknown command.


I'm making earthquake system but when i do /earthquake it says unknown command..

Which code do i need to give?

And yes it's loaded

You did something wrong on it, can you show it ?


I didnt say that because I want your code and I didnt even say post the full code.

No no i mean for those people that want

Have you deleted OnPlayerCommandText?

Well it seems you're using conventional 'OnPlayerCommandText' along with ZCMD. ZCMD ain't gonna work if you're using that along with ' OnPlayerCommandText' callback.

Do one thing, make sure that your gamemode along with other filterscripts of your server are not using this callback. If they're utilizing that callback, then ZCMD is not gonna work. You have to either move all of your commands to ZCMD or all of your ZCMD commands to 'OnPlayerCommandText' callback either way. Tell me if you didn't understand, or need help to migrate your commands!

wait do i need to delete or i don't ?
if not like that ?
public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
return 1;

dont delete it

Originally Posted by Stuun23
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All the code?
Don't really care because i'm gonna release it anyways. :P plus they'll copy it unfinished.
You are kidding right?
Releasing code that doesn't work is, ehm, little bit stupid you know.
You shouldn't try to release any scripts when you don't know which part of the code isn't good because that isn't a gamemode with 90k lines.

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