Multiple fires on house area

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I basically think how make its possible too create multiple fires objects on house area or saved zone on arrays. Like Gasstatsion.

1. I started think its possible, if I use fire object with createdynamicobjectex like looping timer withmake new object near old one. Like in real life.
pawn Код:
stock RandPosInArea( Float: minx, Float: miny, Float: maxx, Float: maxy, &fDestX, &fDestY )
        iMin, iMax,
        Float:mul = floatpower(10.0, 4)

    iMin = floatround(minx * mul);
    iMax = floatround(maxx * mul);

    fDestX = float(random(iMax - iMin) + iMin) / mul;

    iMin = floatround(miny * mul);
    iMax = floatround(maxy * mul);

    fDestY = float(random(iMax - iMin) + iMin) / mul;

3. Timer with function what checks DistanceBetweenObects and if 0 when make new object else takes old object ppos and make new to near.


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