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Setdrunk level if i set it to 0 will it stop?

Yes, I think so. You can try it yourself.

Originally Posted by SA-MP Wiki
Players' drunk level will automatically decrease over time, based on their FPS (players with 50 FPS will lose 50 'levels' per second. This is useful for determining a player's FPS!).
In 0.3a the drunk level will decrement and stop at 2000. In 0.3b+ the drunk level decrements to zero.)
Levels over 2000 make the player drunk (camera swaying and vehicles difficult to control).
Max drunk level is 50000.
While the drunk level is above 5000, the player's HUD (radar etc.) will be hidden.
So technically, anything below 2000 is considered 'not drunk'.

Yes, You wont be drunk anymoar.

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